Hi Rebecca!

I just wanted to say thanks again for the photobook! Marcel and I are so happy with it and so are my parents! Thank you again for all of your help :)


I have to say that your photos are amazing and I cannot say more than this.
The photos you chose were also at the same rate.

By the way, I will refer you to all. ☺

Managing Partner - Catalyst at THROW, Eliane M. Said

Hi Rebecca.
Thank you for the amazing pictures.

Fofe Abreu

Hi Rebecca, the photos are superb! Many thanks for your extraordinary work!

Artist, Rafael Trelles

BTW your photos are the BEST I've ever had taken. That makes choosing extra hard!

Dr. Gay Ben Tré Providence, RI

The three adoquines photos printed as a wedding gift to my son were the hit of the day! They were admired by everyone who saw them, but especially by my son and his husband.

Thanks for the part you played in making our gift to him so special. You too are special to us.

Barry and Vanessa

Everyone loves the books. Sorry I couldn’t answer the message it came on Passover when I don’t use my phone. Anyway, I love the family book and so do they. Can’t wait to have them here again all together and make another photo shoot. Will keep you posted!

Thanks so much

Amy Braun
San Juan, Puerto Rico

These are fabulous Rebecca. Thank you so much for sending them along. I can't wait to see the remainder!! I'm so glad you came yesterday. Stop by anytime if you want to dance!

Rachel Balaban
Adjunct Lecturer, Brown University
Regional Coordinator for Dance for PD
Co-Founder, Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP), Brown University

Thank you Rebecca!
They are beautiful photos! They are all wonderful!

Muchas gracias!

Melissa Neugebauer
Dorado. Puerto Rico

Loooooove!!!! Loooooove!!! My beauties!! Thank you!! My parents LOOOOOOVED the surprise portrait gift!!!

Sasha Kloppel
San Juan, PR

Hi Rebecca! I cannot tell you how much we are loving these pictures!!! You are awesome!!!! The whole experience was wonderful, and getting the photos the next day was even better!!

Mary Ellen Catinchi
Guynabo, Puerto Rico

Dear Rebecca

Thank you for your kind comments. It was a pleasure getting to know you and watching you work. You are a delightful young woman and a fine photographer. I'm very happy that Christina found you and that she introduced you to me and Patricia.

Thanks for your guidance on using the photos you took if we want to print them. I'm sure that we will accept that offer, owing to the high quality of the photographs, which are a clear reflection of the talent of the photographer.

We look forward to receiving the CDs of all the photos. In the meantime, we wish you the best and we hope to see you again in the not too distant future. If your travels take you to or through Miami, please do give us a call.

Best regards,

Michael Hacker, Coral Gables, FL

We received the album this week and are very happy with the outcome, we certainly have a beautiful memory.
Thank you for your patience!

Mima Benitez, Old San Juan, PR

Love it!!
My beautiful baby girl! Such a joy!
The photos are ALL absolutely amazing!!!!!
Thank you so much for your time, patience and talent.

Yanice Mercado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Rebecca, wow!! Thank you for the fabulous pictures and the fantastic photo session!!! Sara and Ondrej were thrilled to meet you, it will be very hard to choose!!!

Mary Ellen Catinchi - San Juan, Puerto Rico

WE GOT THE GODIVA GOLD LINE!!!!! Mission accomplished--thanks so much for your most excellent work!

Julie from Bottles Restaurant - San Juan, Puerto Rico

OMG!!!!!!! I can't get over how beautiful all the pictures are. YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!!
How am I suppose to decide???????

Nanette Dueñas - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hi Rebecca,

I have been on your web site twice and have absolutely fallen into complete admiration of your work and vision, I congratulate you. Your demure personality for such a young and extremely talented individual is admirable and refreshing. Don't ever change.

Cordially a fellow Photog,
Bob Soto Photography
N. Miami, Florida

I loved the photo session- you were amazing and interacted so naturally with everyone. You have a gift. What a nice surprise to sit down and find these images already on my computer- superquickturnaround. Have fun tonight.

Ellen Seidman

Thanks for that beautiful portrait of Joe Joe. You have really captured his essence (a mix of manic insecurity-fueled anxiety and obsessiveness that no amount of dog whispering will ever manage to cure). We will hang it in a place of honor.

Ben - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Rebecca! You're unbelievable. Thank you so much for providing this gift for Paola (which she absolutely loved) that was more than just great pics but a great experience.

Pedro - Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thank you so much for all the pictures! It is amazing how much people looooove them, and of course we do too. We have them in our i-phones + we are sharing them a lot with people and EVERYONE is asking us about you, so hopefully you will get clients from us. I just posted another picture into my Facebook profile and I already have 36 comments!!!! Can you imagine??? Thanks so much again, I can't wait to have my baby and have you take beautiful pictures of him or her!

Safe travels, have fun and thanks again!


I really enjoy your pictures. You definitely got me at work with my clients! Let me tell you, I recorded you in action too. I am full of respect, I don't get to work too often with a professional photographer who is also beautiful. By watching you work, I can tell you are a very sensitive and intense Lady and it's easy to see how much you enjoy doing what you do.

Keep enjoying!
Best Wishes!

Wilo - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Rebecca brought a keen eye and loving heart to our wedding photography. She somehow managed to be everywhere at once, unobtrusively, warmly. Her unerring sense of what mattered was evident in the obvious formal moments and also in the poetry that infuses the spirit of a wedding, like a vase of flowers, a telling look, a sleeping child. She recorded the preparations as well as the ceremony, the environs as well as the people. She sensed who should be photographed when. She moved gracefully, with her winning smile, amidst the swirl of it all, catching and preserving for us a record that feels true to our wedding.

Mother of the Bride
(Wedding 1)

Hello Rebecca:
We are very, very happy with your work.
It has beautified our home and reminds us every day of our love for each other. I will recommend you to people we know and we will definitely come again for a special future occasion. The photo session in your studio was a pleasure for us.

From two happy customers!

Millie and Eduardo Pérez - Puerto Rico

Our family pictures taken by Rebecca revealed unexpected qualities in our family relationships. They were funny, complex and insightful.

Anne Delaney - New York City

Rebecca's lovely portrait work is a strong element in my acting portfolio. Her manner & skill behind the camera made it easy for me to be my finest self in front of the lens. I only wish our paths crossed more often.

Melissa Billington, Actor - New Zealand

How can I express in words the joy of waking up in the morning and seeing a wonderfully crafted photograph of the angelic face of my child as she peers around a tree trunk in a familiar park? How do I describe the feelings that surge in my heart when I look at a 16x16 photo of my children's legs intertwined in a rocky stream -- something so personal to me, as the mother, yet so professional that it could be in an art gallery for all to appreciate? These photos that Rebecca made are full of memories and leave me grateful that I was savvy enough at the time to have her capture the moments that can never be recreated, moments that would otherwise be forgotten over time. When it is all said and done, all we have left are our photographs to help us remember.

Catherine Plichta - San Juan, Puerto Rico

I just want to say a big GRACIAS for the SPECTACULAR pictures that you took of my family. We enjoyed the experience with you in your studio immensely and we felt as if we were home, very comfortable. Your studio is so beautiful and you are so nice. Our baby was so relaxed and she had a lot of fun during the photo session.

The pictures we received from you will be with us forever. Our baby looks like an angel. We will come back again soon.

Thanks again for the great experience and your beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adriana Paola Fernandez - Puerto Rico

So my doorbell rings and the postwoman hands me an envelope with your beautiful photograph inside. I love it. It has qualities of the German/Czech photography of the early 20th century that I'm attracted to. It's dynamic and sexy, intimate & abstract at the same time. I like the way you've printed it, with medium contrast. It has a solarized quality. Beautiful composition too.

Thank you. It will be on my wall as soon as I can get it framed.

Hope happiness is traveling with you.
M. - Brooklyn New York

Hi Rebecca, Just thought you should hear what people are saying about your work...our holiday 2009 card!

"Te la comiste con el Christmas Card. !Está brutaaaall! !Que bello! Las nenas y ustedes están de show. Happy Sunday."
Conchita y Ralphie

"La tarjeta de navidad quedò brutal!"

"Muchas gracias por la postal de navidad; esta ESPECTCULAR!"

"The most beautiful holiday cards I have ever seen !!!! xoxo."
Vicky Barlia

Margarita Corral - Puerto Rico

Just clicked in your website. My God! I do believe I know you!! I think I heard from your work back then in the 90s. I remember your great work on pregnancy and breastfeeding and your name associated with it.

Your website is WONDERFUL, and your work is very mature with such a timeless quality. It is MY honor!

Well, I'm very glad about this exchange and hope we can sit down and talk sometime (con un cafecito).

Un placer.

Antonio E. Amador