One fully Photoshopped file


Family Portrait Session


Signature Portrait Session

for up to two people / 3 rolls of film / Contact sheets / One beautiful 16x20 handmade silver print / $350 for each additional person

Signature Portraits

Time Out

Up to three hours documenting a family meal, casual, low key event /

We Are Family

Two Sessions combined


Pre Wedding Portraits

(Pics taken inside and outside)
Also included: all files supplied on a pendrive and available for view on a private online site.

Big Events

Calling all actors and models!
Portfolio Development

5 Photoshopped files/ Up to 3 look changes


Edited files and one fully Photoshopped


Portraits of Pets

One fully Photoshopped file


Boutique Boudoir



Portfolio of ten 8x10 lightly Photoshopped color/black and white files.
Client receives all selected files.



I have invited a new service to a growing list. After working closely with my clients on large and small events, in their homes for more intimate portraits, I have found that many of them express their regret for previous events in their lives that were in fact documented, but they either, never received the negatives, or the prints were not made, in some cases the photographer simply handed over a dvd without offering a book or an album...

I will gladly take your files, negatives or old photographs and make something wonderfully new and fresh for you. A beautiful book or album with (for example) words from a letter written by your grandmother or words from a poem your father would recite with frequency or maybe even one of your own poems...or I can find text from outside sources that will elegantly add spin and depth to the images you provide.

This service requires individual quotes based upon the size of our project. Give me a buzz and let's see where we can go with the photos at loose ends begging to be bound and enjoyed, passed and shared amongst family member and friends in the living room. I would like to put a big red bow on it for you.

Book Design

Cost of design, book, shipping and taxes included

Dear client, should there be words from a letter or poem you would like me to run through the pages of your memory book this is done at no extra charge. All designs must be pre-approved by the client before purchasing.


An informed client is a wise and happy client.

50% of job total due at least one week before work begins.
Full and finished payment due on the day of the photo session/event.

Any job requiring travel or an unusually large group of people,
please call me for a quote.

Please read carefully the below information and the individual contracts that apply to the services you are interested in.

Transfers from negatives to a digital record are billed to the client.

The client is free to bring a stylist/make-up person to the photographic session. I can arrange to have these services provided at additional cost to the client.

Please feel free to call me at my studio if you have any questions: 787.461.4407
Studio time is by appointment, and you should allow 2 hours for our work together.

For each additional hour of actively working with the camera, over the fixed and agreed upon time allocated for the job, $200.

Photographer retains ownership of all images unless ownership is purchased and shared.

Clients are paying for talent, time, a high level of professionalism, impeccable and responsible service, photo sessions, a DVD holding small files, package prints and services.

Photoshop time is billed at $60 an hour or a dollar a minute. We set the timer.

Prices of prints when ordered as part of a photo package are 50% off and as follows:

  8x10   $20
11x14   $40
16x20   $80

All prices subject to change based on specificity of job. Please call for a quote.

All Photo Packages include:
Impeccable service
Product Quality
Photo Session
An edited DVD with digital files at e-sharing size
Upload to private site for viewing, sharing and purchasing additional prints
Excellent turn around time